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Build/import/edit wordbooks in any language. Unit-/wordlist-wise study with the iLanguage
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4 December 2007

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Get the dictionaries of numerous languages stored at your system and make your study easier than ever. You can have so many things arranged with the help of iLanguage 2.2 software such as the multilingual dictionary along with the editor working for you. Remember and learn a lot for improving your vocabulary with the help of the software. You can even evaluate your skills by having the test conducted with the program itself. The program has numerous other innovative learning features that make your activity truly engaging.

iLanguage 2.2 software does take some time to get downloaded because of it’s size. The appearance of the program is decent with pleasing blue and gray shades. You can manage the wordbooks by setting various dictionaries and also you can change the Basic settings for it. You can have the word book password protected to have your work safe. It also provides you with the search option for searching the new lessons that you can copy to the wordlist and also remove if not required. Customizing the virtual keys is also easy as you just need to paste or drag and drop the character, and you can have the hotkeys set with the character to enter it easily into the text. The program also allows connecting to the online dictionaries and also importing the vocabulary from them. You can record the word pronunciation to make it easier to understand the words. Import, export the Wordbook easily and get the ‘Points’ when required. You can conduct tests in various ways to check how much you have learnt. The software has so many features that it becomes difficult to enumerate. The thing that may become a drawback is that it has a large variety of features that may create confusion while using.

To increase efficiency and improve your studying pattern and for generating perfection in your linguistic endeavor you can use iLanguage 2.2. For such variety of features and so much of usability the software has been given the 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

iLanguage offers you a multilingual dictionary manager and editor. You can download, import and edit free dictionaries and wordbooks in several languages (Unicode compatible) and subjects. You can also create personal wordbooks from scratch in any language and script for your study. Organize vocabulary in units/wordlists with a mouse-click for customized sessions with the iLanguage vocabulary- and memory trainer. Additional features to make your study efficient include advanced search-options from both language directions, cross-wordbook search, unit-/wordlist-wise testing, printing of customized lists, conjugation- and declension-examples manager, recording of word pronunciation, import of own wordlists from excel sheets, easy access to 100s of online dictionaries and capacity to import vocabulary found online to your wordbooks.
Customizable virtual keys provide access to all characters of the system character map (incl. shortcut-option) while adding words to or editing your wordbooks. A variety of dictionaries, glossaries and subject-bibles are available for free download, import, customization and study. You can easily avail of dictionary servers (following the dict-protocol) which host hundreds of free online dictionaries and you can import words from these online resources to your personal wordbooks.
Personalize your dictionaries and wordbooks and make use of their content for an efficient study.
Version 2.2
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